Mutoh XpertJet 661UF
19.02" x 23.3"
UV-LED Flatbed Printer


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Ink Start-up Kit*:
Mutoh UH21 (Rigid) Ink - 220ml / CMYK [Add $978.00]
Mutoh UH21 (Rigid) Ink - 220ml / CMYK, WH, VA [Add $978.00]
Mutoh US11 (Flexible) Ink - 220ml / CMYK [Add $978.00]
Mutoh US11 (Flexible) Ink - 220ml / CMYK, WH, VA [Add $978.00]


InkJetBiz is taking another step in providing a full complement of digital decoration products with the introduction of Mutoh’s XpertJet 661UF UV-LED flatbed printer. The Mutoh XPJ 661UF desktop UV printer has quickly become the leader in UV printer imaging.

The compact XPJ 661UF UV-LED direct to object printer fit into any regular office, home-based business, or small retail environment. The XpertJet 661UF offers a print area of 19.02" x 23.3" and can be set up in either CMYK or CMYK + White + Varnish. The compact table top A2+ flatbed UV LED XPJ-661UF printer ships standard with a vacuum table and a printer stand at no added cost.

Mutoh XpertJet 661UF | 19.02" x 23.3" | UV-LED Flatbed Printer
The XpertJet 661UF UV-LED flatbed printer includes a larger printable surface area, updated touchscreen panel, improved LED lamp and more. The XPJ-661UF is powered by Mutoh’s new genuine VerteLith™ RIP software, bundled with FlexiDESIGNER (Mutoh Edition 21), a $2,199.00 value. VerteLith RIP optimizes all of the capabilities of the XPJ-661UF, increasing productivity and profitability. The Mutoh XPJ-661UF allows for layered printing to create fine-textured prints and Braille, all of which will instantly add value to any print. Tie that in with Mutoh’s Local Dimming Control Technology, and you now have the ability to add glossy finishes easily in one pass.

Mutoh's Exclusive Training Tools
The StartRight™ Kit, is included with the XPJ-661UF, and features Project Application Guides for the printer, including lessons, video instruction, sample output, blanks and a sample JIG with inserts. These materials offer users the opportunity to quickly get their printers up and running and add creative, textured signage capabilities to their shops. Instruction on using FlexiSIGN & Print MUTOH Edition 19 and its presets also are included in the kit, as well as a USB with course documents and online instruction modules.

The XPJ-661UF System Includes the Following:

  • 19" x 23.3" Mutoh XpertJet 661UF UV-LED Flatbed Printer
  • Mutoh's VerteLith™ RIP software with FlexiDESIGNER Mutoh Edition 21
  • Printer Stand
  • Vacuum Table
Note: UV Inks (Sold Separately)

UV-LED Lamp Local Dimming Control Technology (LDC)
The LDC technology enables the ability to create diverse and expressive textures in the same print table movement. By dividing the irradiation area of the UV lamp, the varnish ink can be adjusted individually for greater segmented printing control. Glossy, semi-glossy and matte varnish effects can be produced in one table movement for prints combining CMYK + varnish or white + varnish.

The result is a substantial productivity boost as well as a minimized risk for graininess, banding, and misalignment of layer printing.

Automatic Flatbed Height Adjustment Technology (Up to 0" - 5.90")
Automatic flatbed height adjustment technology enables high-precision height adjustment and stabilizes media printing quality. It automatically adjusts the table height by detecting the substrate media with a precision sensor up to 0" - 5.90".

Print Deeper with a Maximum Media Substrate Thickness Up to 5.9"
Up to 5.9-inches Opening for Material Thickness. Substantially increases your creative design and business opportunities.

Anti-Shift Media Vacuum Table
The anti-shift media vacuum table efficiently positions, holds down firmly and flattens out even thin media. Five levels of suction force can be controlled from the printer operation panel.

White Ink Circulation System
The automatic white ink circulation and filtration system cycle the white ink periodically to prevent ink coagulation resulting in high print quality and easy printer maintenance.

Braille and Raised Textures Printing Capability
Print tactile 2.5D graphics such as embossed text, braille, and textured decorations. The XPJ UV-LED flatbed printer is ideal for premium 2.5D printing grater than 1mm thick. In addition, take full advantage of Mutoh's UH21 ink using CMYK + White + Varnish to quickly and easily print braille and raised icons.

LED Touch Panel Control Display

High visibility electrostatic touch panel provides high quality display and improves panel operation. It supports 8 languages.

New and Improved Printer Maintenance System for UV-LED Lamps

The maintenance environment around the UV-LED lamp has been redesigned and improved to perform daily maintenance more efficiently. A new removable/replaceable lamp filter and lamp glass make for easier cleaning. In addition, a new printhead improves jetting stability and minimizes any printer issues.

Mutoh Genuine UV-LED Inks for Various Applications
Mutoh offers the UH21 UV-LED ink for hard and rigid type substrates and the US11 UV-LED inks for soft and flexible types of applications. Both are environmentally friendly and are VOC-free, in addition, the inks can be used for heat-sensitive media. The Mutoh US11 ink is UL GREENGARD Gold Certified to meet the most stringent standards for low VOC emission. The UH21 ink achieves excellent adhesion* especially for extruded acrylic.

*Ink adhesion test is recommended before printing.

Obstacle Detection System
Mutoh's obstacle detection system can pause and resume printing after the sensor detects any obstacle resulting in fewer media loss.

Mutoh VerteLith RIP Software
The Mutoh VerteLith RIP software achieves unmatched image quality and workflow efficiency. The RIP features a high-quality technology to optimize the performance of the printers, automated nesting, layout and printing for multiple jobs with multi-layer printing, two preview functions to reduce errors and wastes, jig layout function and more.

Rotary Jig Tool for Imaging onto Bottles and Cylinders (Optional)
Optional a high-performance rotary tool unit for UV imaging of cylindrical objects such as bottles and cylinders, in addition, the ability of 360° printing onto cylindrical objects expands the range of your applications.

Mutoh Status Monitor (MSM)
Mutoh continues to provide value beyond the box with its updated MUTOH Status Monitor (MSM) system. MSM is lightweight software exclusive to Mutoh. Use MSM to monitor your ink system, heaters, and even check for the latest firmware. The MSM makes your workflow easy by sending you email notifications to alert you with several pre-programmed messages including printer status, ink status, media status, and more.

Download the MSM mobile app to bring all these features with you remotely

Think of printing on promotional items such as phone covers, gifts, photo products, promotional items such as pens, lighters an USB stick, souvenirs, awards, small signs, small series production or prototyping of packaging samples, decorative tiles and much more.

Discover the magic of white and varnish inks! White inks will enable you to print on dark colored or clear substrates. Special added value finishing like spot varnish or even stunning special effects such as special structures or embossing are possible with our dedicated varnish inks.

  • 19.2" x 23.3" (Printable Area) High Performance UV-LED Flatbed Printer
  • 6 Color Channels (CMYK | CMYK + White + Varnish)
  • Up to 5.9-inches of Opening for Material Thickness
  • Drop-on-Demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology with Dot-Sizes from 3.7 to 25.8 Picoliters
  • Automatic White Ink Circulation and Filtration System
  • UV-LED Local Dimming Technology for Differing Types of Substrates
  • Automatic Adjustable Flatbed Table
  • Anti-Shift Media Vacuum Table
  • Braille and Embossed Text Capability
  • High Resolution UV Imaging--Up to 1440 DPI
  • Uses Mutoh's Genuine UH21 (Rigid and Hard) and US11 (Soft and Flexible) UV-LED Inks
  • Large Front Cover for Easy Product Viewing
  • Obstacle Detection System
  • Improved UV-LED Lamp Maintenance System
  • Smart Communication through Mutoh Status Monitor (MSM)
  • Includes Mutoh's VerteLith™ RIP software with FlexiDESIGNER Mutoh Edition 21
  • Includes Printer Stand
  • Optional a High Performance Rotary Jig Tool for Imaging of Cylindrical Objects
  • Limited One Year Warranty*

Mutoh UH21 Ink
UV-LED Ink for Rigid/Hard
220ml Cartridge
Mutoh VerteLith™ RIP Software
Bundled with
FlexiDESIGNER (MUTOH Edition 21)
Mutoh US11 Ink
UV-LED Ink for Flexible
220ml Cartridge



mutoh-uh21-uv-led-ink-rigid-220ml-xpj mutoh-vertelith-rip-software-with-flexidesigner mutoh-us11-uv-led-ink-flexible-220ml-xpj

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